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f Client Focused. The best law practices & services for all your Probate needs. d Probate Expertise. The best law practices & services for all your Probate needs. d Family Oriented. The best law practices & services for all your Probate needs.

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Thomas Fraser is a licensed attorney with over 25 years of experience specializing in all aspects of probate matters including Guardianships, Conservatorships, Trusts and Decedent’s Estates. The firm of Thomas Brennan Fraser, PLLC has been in existence since 2008 where Thomas Fraser and his dedicated staff are committed to helping individuals and families.



Probate Law


Probate Law


Estate Administration

Probate Law


Trust Administration

Probate Law

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Stephanie, this is where we could embed a video of Tom Talking about the Practice or Probate Law – or what your firm specialized in.

Thomas Fraser Law Firm is AWESOME!!

Heritage Manor

Everyone there (Fraser Law Firm) is incredibly helpful

Manor of Novi

Keep up the good work!

Medilodge of Rochester Hills

Stephanie has been great to work with. She had been very helpful each time I've called. Thanks!

Taylor Scott

We are very satisfied at the present moment. Lena is SUPER!! Patient, polite & I can count on her!

Angela Hall

It was a great job in moving Mike to his most recent Home. He Loves it

o.b.o. Michael Simpson

Your services and support for my brother are just great. What a blessing you have been!

David Hopkins

Very happy with the Guardianship work....Consumers are happy with the service as well.

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Every Person We Talk To Is Important To Us.

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